Lamps of the LEDDY WALL line are modern solar lamps used to illuminate house surroundings, patios, and driveways.

The wall brackets supplied with LEDDY WALL are easy to install and do not require any special maintenance. Just keep that the panel clean to ensure that the sunlight is not obstructed e.g. by leaves or snow.

The detachable photovoltaic panel can be installed not only on the wall but also on the roof or at another place. The light source can be installed separately from the panel, e.g. on the wall or the other place you want to

LEDDY WALL lamps turn on automatically at dusk thanks to an inbuilt electronic system designed to ensure that the light is switched on when the panel is darkened. The run-time depends on the season, cloudiness, and the location where the lamp is installed.

The rotation range of the photovoltaic panel is 200° about the vertical axis and 60° about the horizontal axis.

Easily installed. Gives off a warm-coloured light.


the easily assembled lamp bracket is fixed to the wall by means of bolts and screws (included).
The lamp (lampshade) can be installed separately from the photovoltaic panel.


Lamp Leddy WALL
Batteries 7 Ah / 12 V
Light source LED 3 5 W
Lampshade diameter 250 mm
Pole height -Total height 0 79 m
Dimensions of the photovoltaic panel 355 x 540 mm
Power of the photovoltaic pane l 20 W
Light output 240 lm
Battery life* up to 24 h
Expandable -
Colour Black
Operating temperature -20 up to 35 °C
Package weight 8 5 kg
Dimensions of a single package 58 x 36 x 37 cm
Quantity per pallet 20
Product number 111191
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