Leddy o-firmie


AQUAEL’s mission is to provide technologically advanced and environment-friendly solutions.


For nearly 30 years, AQUAEL has been the European leader in the production of electrical equipment for gardens (garden ponds) and homes (aquariums). The company offers more than 1,200 products. Nearly 600 highly skilled professionals contribute to its success.

Thanks to its extensive experience and know-how as well as modern standards of production and quality control, AQUAEL can ensure the highest quality of its products.


The intensive development of our company, the availability of a specialized team of design engineers and well-equipped production lines allow us to create and introduce to the market innovative products and solutions.

In the process of designing the LEDDY line lamps, the innovative effort is aimed at ensuring their easy installation and day-to-day use. Another important aspect is to develop solutions that would make these products affordable. We challenge the stereotypical view that being ecologically aware is expensive. Needless to say, these goals have to be achieved without compromising the longevity and failure-free operation of the devices.


Here at AQUAEL we have created a special Research and Development department for products powered by renewable energy. The work of this department has resulted in the creation of the
VENTUS line of wind turbines and the LEDDY line of autonomous solar lamps. For the needs of institutional clients, we also work on hybrid devices powered by wind and solar energy.

By using LEDDY and VENTUS devices produced by AQUAEL, you contribute to environment protection, with free, renewable, and natural sources of electric power.


All the products are manufactured in Poland at one of AQUAEL’s three production plants, whose total floor space exceeds
20 000 m2. For end users this means the comfort of having instant all-round technical support and a guarantee that the products have been manufactured in accordance with the binding European legislation and standards.